Fifteen years after discontinuing the practice of architecture, building plans have drifted into my paintings.

Thickened lines representing walls and openings, enclosure of spaces and framing of light and views. The metrics of habitation and containment. Addressing the site and placement of buildings and ancillary structures.

Architectural plan elements complicate the effort to seek purity in the paintings. They produce a readable scalable event and a reference to dimensional habitable space. They assign a degree function to paintings which are resigned to being without purpose or actual usefulness.

The suggestion of building plans and site improvements in a non-objective painting directly violated the concept of abstraction in a real and symbolic fashion.

Meanwhile the elements of building plans have entered into my paintings possible as a reference to my previous profession or perhaps as nostalgia for a fading and disappearing mode of communication and construction. WTF.

These works are thinned oil paint on Arches Oil Prepared paper mounted on cradled panels. The sizes are mostly 12”x16” and 9”x12”.