Curvature of the spline


My paintings are responses to the human efforts of construction/habitation and/or the restorative qualities of the natural world.

Linking these frequently disparate components of existence are narrative neutral paintings consisting of simple color/shapes that play out parallel relationships distilled from a critical view of life.

Primarily, the body of work in various manifestations represents painterly invention; an inner peripheral vision documented.



Editioned Architectural prints-


1976 BA Environmental Design, U.C. Berkeley

1979  Master of Architecture, U.C. Berkeley

MA Thesis “Paul Klee + Memory: An approach to Architectural Ornament.



2013      A STRUCTURE OF COLOR- Placewares Gallery, Gualala, CA

2013      Art By The Sea - The Sea Ranch open studio

2012      The invention of an Architectural World-

            BraytonHughes Design Studio -San Francisco

2012      Art By The Sea - The Sea Ranch open studio

2011      Marin Arts Open Studio- San Rafael

2010      ProArts East Bay Open Studio, Berkeley

2009      Artist Studio Tour, 118 Horizon Reach, Sea Ranch

2009      Placewares Gallery, Gualala, Ca  (Sea Ranch)

2007      Placewares Gallery, Gualala, CA  (Sea Ranch)

2006      Pro Arts Open Studio, 210 Stonewall Rd., Berkeley, Ca

2004      Giorgi Gallery Berkeley, Ca

2002      Elements Gallery, Pasadena, Ca.

2001      Phoenix Lake Gallery, San Rafael, Ca                 

            “Watercolors and Prints- 1980-2000”                                  

1994       Clocktower - San Francisco - Watercolors

1992       Agnes Bourne Showroom- San Francisco  -

1990/91   SF Open Studio Exhibit - 1450 Oak St., San Francisco, Ca.

1987       Builders Booksource - Berkeley, Ca

1984       University of Idaho Gallery - Moscow, Idaho

             Watercolors and Architectural Inventions

1983       La Belle Helene Gallery - St. Helena, Ca

             Terra Cotta Wall Reliefs and Drawings

1983       Philippe Bonnafont Gallery - San Francisco, Ca.

             Watercolor Paintings, Drawings And Terra Cottas

1982       Equivalents Gallery - Seattle, Washington

             Terra Cotta Constructions and Watercolor Paintings

1981       Philippe Bonnafont Gallery - San Francisco, Ca.

             Exhibition of Watercolors, Etchings, And Oil Paintings

1980       La Belle Helene Gallery - St. Helena, Ca

             Watercolor Paintings and Drawings

             Catalog and Poster Published by Yolla Bolla Press

1980       Philippe Bonnafont Gallery - San Francisco, Ca.

             Keith Wilson “One Hundred Watercolors”



2013       ABSTRACT LANDSCAPES series

          Interface Gallery in Oakland

2011       SHATTERED – MarinMOCA

            Juror: Kenneth Baker                 

2011       BLACK & WHITE – O’Hanlon Center for the Arts

            Juror: Ritchard Whittaker                 

2011      Nature’s Palette – Marin Arts Gallery, San Rafael

2010      West Coast Biennial - Redding, CA (Juror’s Award)

            Juror:Bob Nugent

2010       The May Show - Gualala Arts Center (First Prize)                             Juror:Lucinda Barnes, Chief Curator BAM

2009       Civic Center Juried Art Exhibit- Berkeley City Hall

2004-06   Rockridge Library - Oakland, Ca

2002       Limn Gallery-San Francisco, Ca - Limited Edition Prints

2002       ZIA Houseworks - Berkeley, Ca - Limited Edition Prints

2001       Limn Gallery - San Francisco, Ca.

             “Drawings from Experience”

1992       Japonesque Gallery - San Francisco, Ca

             Large Format Ink Drawings

1989       Contemporary Realist Gallery - San Francisco, Ca

             “Ornamentation in Architecture”

1987       Leap Benefit - Howard Street, San Francisco, Ca

             “The Architect as Artist”

1987       Chicago Art Institute-SOM 50 Years Exhibit -       

             Eight Watercolors of Imaginary Interiors

1985       John Stubbs Rare Books - New York, NY

1985       College of Marin Gallery - Kentfield, Ca

             Architecture in Paintings Exhibit

1984       Charles Campbell Gallery - San Francisco, Ca

             Gordon Cook, Keith Wilson

1984       American Institute of Architects, National Convention -                   San Francisco. -Exhibit of Architectural Drawings

1984       Jewish Community Museum - San Francisco, Ca

             Invited Competition to Design A Sukkah

1984       Shasta County Art Association Gallery - Redding, Ca

             “Architectural Drawings by Three Artists”

1982       Ballenford Gallery - Toronto, Canada

             “Drawings by Architects”

1982       American Institute of Architects Gallery - Seattle

             “Drawings by Architects”

1979       Wurster Hall Gallery -UC Berkeley

             Thesis Exhibit of Watercolors of European Architecture

1976       La Mamelle Gallery - San Francisco, Ca

             “The Printed Word: Books by Artists”

1975       Worth Ryder Gallery - UC, Berkeley

              “Etchings and Books”



1982-84     “THE ATHENS OF THE WEST”

A seven panel egg tempera and burnished gold leaf on gesso panel painting Inspired by the historic architectural design of the UC Berkeley Campus. LOCATION: Lobby, Intramural Sports Facility.



2011      Awareness, The Feldenkrais Journal,#23“Aesthetics”           Drawing on front & back cover and 5 interior pages 

2007      Awareness, The Feldenkrais Journal, # 20.Drawing on        front & back cover.          

2005      Painting published in fall 2005 issue of Inquiring Mind,                         entitled “Earth Dharma”

1980      Keith Wilson Catalog. Printed by Yolla Bolla Press



United States Embassy, Tunisia

GATX Leasing Co. Embarcadero Four - San Francisco

Pacific Bell Headquarters - San Ramon, California

Mahoney Corp. - San Francisco

Jewish Community Museum - San Francisco

Kala Institute - Berkeley, California

Bramalea Pacific - Oakland, California

Skidmore Owings and Merrill - San Francisco, California

Paul Anka - Carmel, California

University of California, Berkeley

Standard Oil Company - San Francisco, California

Raychem Corporation - Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China

Kaiser Permanente Hospitals




Adjunct Professor, California College of Arts And Crafts:

            Interior Design Program 1988- 1993

Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley Extension:

            Interior Design Studio II, Fall 1987

Teaching Associate, U.C. Berkeley, Department of Architecture:

            Architectural Drawing 1978 and 1979

Teaching Assistant, U.C. Berkeley, Department of Art:

            Etching Studio, Winter 1978

Western Addition Lecture: “Painted Houses”

            San Francisco Art Institute, 1980










 This exhibit pairs my watercolors from the last decade with recent oil paintings. A shared vocabulary of palette selections and application methodology unite the work. They are further linked by the use of color as the subject and the object. The focus of this exhibit is on abstract organically-placed geometric shapes, extended squares, which employ color as a primary means of expression. 

The exhibit will be up until end of August 2014.


Placewares +LyndonDesign

 Highway 1 at Ocean Drive Gualala, CA 95445    707-884-1184