The Ascent of Architecture  -w.c./gold leaf/india ink- 1985
   The Secret Gardener   -w.c./india ink- 1988
   The Quiet Zone   -w.c./india ink- 2000
   Acropolis   -w.c./ink lines- 2006v
   Protected Place to Think   (detail) -w.c.- 1987v
   Genis Loci   -w.c./india ink/gold leaf- 1987
   Black Ground Buildings   -w.c./india ink/gold leaf- 1987
   Temple of NIKE   -w.c./gold leaf/india ink- 1987
   The Decoration of Towers   -w.c./india ink- 1987
   Tower of Color   -w.c./india ink- 1988
   Home On The Range   -w.c./ink lines- 2004
   Yellow House   (detail) -watercolor- 2005v
   Implied Narrative   -w.c. w/india ink- 2004   
   The Ancient City Below   (detail) -w.c- 2000
  Urban Undulations  -w.c.- 2004
   Architecture at the Crossroads   -w.c.- 1985
   The Jetty Museum   -w.c.- 2004
   Nowhere   -w.c.- 2006
   Spanish Walls   -w.c.- 2008
   The Barge   -w.c./india ink- 2005v
   Building on the Spanish Steps   -w.c.- 1987v
   ARCHITECTURAL WORLD -  copperplate etching- Unique hand colored print. Plate prepared/proofed in 1981.  Edition printed by KALA Institute 2016 from plates that were recently located.
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