The Simple Home   -oil on mounted linen 2016-
   Golden Rectangles   -oil on linen- 2014
 Summertime Views HEAT MAP -oil on prepared paper- 2017
   Redacted Colorbar   -oil on linen- 2013
   GameTheory   -oil on linen--2012
   Fault Line   -oil on linen- 2013
   Internal Affairs/ FREE RADICALS -  oil on prepared paper- 2016, 30" x 23"
 Activated Charcoal.32   Cowshead   -oil on paper- 2015
   ARCHITECTURAL WORLD -  copperplate etching- Unique hand colored print. Plate prepared/proofed in 1981.  Edition printed by KALA Institute 2016 from plates that were recently located.
   Floating Rooms -  oil on linen- 2016
   unpainted drawing.02   -vine charcoal on paper- 2018
  Origin   -initial study  in series -oil on linen- 2012
   Ten Un-Equal Rectangles   -oil on linen- 2014
   GOLDFISH BLUEFISH   -oil on linen- 2019, 30" x 40"
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